THAI Airways stops Boeing 747 on European route (2023)

THAI Airways stops Boeing 747 on European route (1)

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Thailand's national airline THAI Airways International is stopping its iconic Boeing 747-400 on its route between Bangkok and Munich. As of October 28, THAI's Boeing 777-300ER will take over.

As a result, no more jumbo jets from THAI will fly to Europe this winter. The airline wants to replace all 747 aircraft in its fleet with more fuel-efficient aircraft. For the time being, a number of 747s are still being used on some Asian routes, such as on the scheduled flight to Sydney and as a reserve aircraft.

Due to the deployment of the Boeing 777-300ER to Munich, the passenger capacity will decrease somewhat: from 374 seats per flight to 348. The Triple Seven also does not have First-class.


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7 Responses to “THAI Airways stops Boeing 747 on European route”

  1. RonnyLatPhrao says up

    4 September 2018 on 14: 09

    They also say goodbye to the 737-400.
    “Yesterday (2 September 2018) the Farewell Ceremony for THAI's Boeing 737-400 “The Classic” was held at THAI Maintenance Hangar, Suvarnabhumi Airport. The atmosphere there was brimming with impression and rejoice, which we hope we could convey via these exclusive shots. Thanks for all the 28 years of joy, delight, and fond memories you've shared with us through your diligent services, dear 737-400. It's a great honor to have you in our fleet!”


    (Video) What Happened to Thai Airways? B787 Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur

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  • Gives Korat says up

    4 September 2018 on 16: 25

    If a more modern aircraft is used to save fuel, this is a result of technical developments in the aviation industry. Nothing will change for the passengers except, for example, the color of the seats or an inch more or less arm or leg room. In my 30 years as a passenger, the only thing I really thought was progress was that there was no smoking in the aircraft anymore. For the rest, it's just sitting, having a snack and a drink and looking at a screen. Well that's been the same for 30 years. So explain to the common man what is so exciting about the 737 or 777 compared to the 747. It's like the car advertisement: they moved the location of the flashing light at the back from above to below the brake light: what a revolution ! Something like this also applies to every new type of aircraft, nothing ever changes that really stands out to the users, passengers.


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    • RonnyLatPhrao says up

      4 September 2018 on 17: 39

      (Video) Korean Air B747-8 First Class - World's Longest 747 Flight

      I think that the inflight entertainment system has become a lot better and it has also become much quieter.
      A lot will have changed for pilots and it will all have become safer.
      As far as I'm concerned, seen in 30 years, all a bit more than just a non-smoking lamp that now always burns.


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    • SRB says up

      4 September 2018 on 20: 22

      As a passenger you will not understand that either. You have to be an aviation hobbyist for that 😉


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      (Video) New harrowing video released of deadly Moscow plane fire

    • Jack S says up

      4 September 2018 on 22: 41

      I started working as a flight attendant at Lufthansa in 1982. My workshops were the B727 and the B747.
      The 727 with its three engines looked quite good, but was later replaced by an A320 with two engines. A big difference in comfort, fuel consumption and safety.
      The 747 got a brother and was then divided into different types: you had the 747-200 D and the 747-200 E. These were the older models. The "D" was a version where there was a cargo compartment in the back of the plane, where the "E" was a passenger part (could also be the other way around, it was a long time ago).
      The newer 747, the 747-400 was slightly taller, wider, had a longer hunchback (the top deck was longer) and could fly much longer distances.
      What do you notice as a passenger? When the plane flew to Tokyo in 1982, a stopover had to be made in Ancorache.
      Flights to Australia, for example, were also covered in 3 stages (Dubai and Kuala Lumpur stopover).
      With the arrival of the B747-400 and the opening of the airspace above the former Soviet Union, it was possible to fly from Frankfurt directly to Tokyo without a stopover.
      The last flights to Australia were made in two legs with Bangkok or Singapore as a stopover.
      Over all the years I flew, all costs around us increased, but strangely enough the flights got cheaper and cheaper.
      And what do you notice as a passenger? As a layman I dare to say that if we would fly to Bangkok with aircraft from 1982, you could not get a ticket for 500 Euro, but for 5000 Euro.
      Flight safety has improved over the years. The air on board is better and healthier.
      So what's so exciting about a 737 or a 777 versus the 747? Do I need to explain that further? As a passenger you will notice that in your wallet in any case!!!!


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  • Leo Eggebeen says up

    5 September 2018 on 15: 47

    Idd Sjaak, you can feel it in your wallet, but the wonderful thing about the Boeing 747 (Jumbo jet) was the SPACE feeling.!! All those who are a bit claustrophobic will agree!
    Besides, it was Anchorage.

    (Video) Boeing 747 nearly CRASHES immediately after takeoff | United 863


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    • Jack S says up

      5 September 2018 on 23: 30

      Leo, thank you for improving my beloved Anchorage!.

      I personally regretted switching to the 747-400. As a result, this stop fell away. Of course this was an advantage for passengers, it shortened the journey by many hours.
      We, as crew had a beautiful turn with this Anchorage stop. When we still flew with the 747-200 to Tokyo and Osaka via this city, we always had a few days off there.
      It started like this: Frankfurt – Anchorage. One night in Anchorage, the plane continued with the new crew.
      Then the next day it was our turn to fly from Anchorage to Tokyo and Osaka. We then spent the night in Osaka, where we stayed for two nights.
      Then back to Anchorage where we stayed for three nights. Back to Osaka via Tokyo with an overnight stay in Osaka or Tokyo, I don't remember exactly.
      Back to Anchorage with an overnight stay and then back to Frankfurt.
      Because we flew over the North Pole and crossed a date line, you always had to deal with a small time travel: there was already a considerable time difference between Frankfurt and Anchorage, and an even bigger difference between Japan and that city. For example, if you flew out on Tuesday, after about 10 hours of flying you arrived in a time zone that was more than 24 hours later. So the next day you arrived in Japan.
      Back home it was the other way around: you left in the afternoon and after a ten-hour flight, you arrived the same day in the morning. So you had double that day.
      This was done twice during an orbit.
      Before I had to go there the first time, I had heard all sorts of "horror" stories from slightly negative colleagues and I tried my best not to get that flight. But after two years I was shocked to see that I had this flight in my schedule. And no one wanted to trade places with me.

      However, I can tell you that I have lost my heart to this orbit. We were on the road for about 18 days. It was the most fantastic course of my life and many more have been requested by me since then. It was true, after 18 days you couldn't remember what day of the week it was, your body clock was pretty shaken, but it was all worth it.

      In the beginning we each had a small home in Anchorage in Anchorage, a mini resort you could say. A living room with kitchen, stove, utensils and so on. Microwaves did not exist for us then. And there was cooking. You didn't have to, you could also eat in a restaurant, but the nice thing was living together. We had three large Cadillacs Station Wagons available: two for the cockpit (which then consisted of three men: pilot, co-pilot and flight engineer) and one for the rest of the crew. But we were always allowed to “borrow” a Cadillac from the cockpit.
      We then went to the supermarket and bought everything. Herbs and the like, but often also unused bread and other foodstuffs were left behind in the apartments by our predecessors and so did we.
      This was done when we returned from Japan: we cooked together and enjoyed ourselves with 15 men and women.
      For us, the first layover meant getting to know each other a bit and figuring out who wanted to do what during the second layover, which was 3 full days long. There were people who wanted to do their tax returns, I had colleagues who had a full suitcase of unironed laundry with them, but there were also colleagues who wanted to see a little more of Alaska.
      On one of the most beautiful layovers we drove 8 people in one Cadillac (and still room) to the Matanuska Glacier and Mount Denali in Denali National Park, where we spent the night in a motel. Along the way we saw moose, grizzly bears, rivers full of trout and the most beautiful wild scenery you could imagine. What a joy that was.
      At the time I was already fond of Asia and the tropics, but what you saw there in summer and winter made Asia pale in comparison. What a beautiful nature.
      This is just the tip of the iceberg. But with the arrival of the 747-400, there was no longer any reason to land in between with a passenger plane, so this beautiful circuit was lost for us as crew.
      That happened of course with many layovers that we had as a crew. Our fleet became more modern, the planes could stay in the air longer and many intermediate stops were eliminated, which also shortened our orbits. In 1983, a flight to Sydney meant a crew rotation of 20 days. Passengers took about 24 hours. But because there were only two flights a week to Sydney at the time, we had to be accommodated after two or three nights each time.
      You had several possible routes to Bangkok. You had 3-4 days, but also 10 days. In addition, you had two so-called shuttles, for example Bangkok – Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok Manila, or Bangkok – Ho Chi Min and back. And if you were lucky enough to get a so-called "jumper" orbit, you sometimes had almost a week off in Bangkok. Because then you only flew on the passenger version (B747-200 E), but your colleagues who had a normal orbit, flew on with the next one (B747-200 D, the one with a cargo section).
      That was beautiful. Then you could travel to Chiang Mai, Koh Samui or wherever. With four days off between two flights, it was a pleasure.

      This was pretty much a description of what it mattered to the crew. Not only that, of course there were also many other aspects with new aircraft types. Retraining was one of them, as was splitting up. When we had more types of aircraft, we were also more divided into the zones where these aircraft flew. For a while I didn't come to Thailand anymore because there wasn't a 747 flying there, but an airbus. I wasn't trained for that, so there were a few years when I didn't set foot in Thailand, except on vacation.

      As a passenger, you didn't notice that so much, of course, but you did notice that your flights became shorter and you could reach your destination faster. But this I have already described… 🙂


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    How many 747 are there in Thai Airways? ›

    Throughout its history, Thai Airways has operated a total of 26 Boeing 747s – six Boeing 747-200s, two Boeing 747-300s, and 18 Boeing 747-400s.

    Is Thai Airways still flying 747? ›

    Goodbye to the jumbo jets

    Sadly, all signs point to a more permanent retirement for the 747s and A380s stored by Thai Airways. Prior to the pandemic, the airline had been operating six Airbus A380s as well as nine Boeing 747-400s. All of these large aircraft were sent into storage over the course of 2020.

    Why did Thai Airways stop US flights? ›

    After inspecting Thailand's aviation authority's oversight and reportedly visiting an airline to gauge maintenance practices and flight operations from Feb. 11 to Feb. 15, the FAA said that 26 regulations did not meet the standards to receive a Category 1 rating -- or the ability to fly into the US.

    What European cities does Thai Airways fly into? ›

    Smooth Journey to Europe with THAI's Network

    With our non-stop flights, Passengers can travel on THAI Smile's domestic flights to connect from Bangkok to Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, and London by THAI. We ensure hygiene excellence and safety flights with complete in-flight facilities.

    Which airline has the most 747? ›

    Atlas Air, flying the largest number of 747s in history, operates cargo and charter flights. For charter operations, Atlas currently has five 747s.

    Which is bigger 747 or 777? ›

    According to Boeing's data, the 777-9 has a total length of 251 feet 9 inches (76.72 meters). The 747-8 is just a bit smaller at 250 feet 2 inches (76.3 meters). The 777-9 is the longest commercial aircraft ever built.

    Why did KLM stop flying the 747? ›

    Two years without KLM's jumbo jets

    However, as freight became increasingly in-demand, they were brought out of storage for cargo flights in the months following their passenger retirements. Thus, the airline finally ended all 747 operations in October 2020.

    What airline is getting the last 747? ›

    31, 2023 12:51 p.m. A last Boeing 747, a cargo freighter destined for Atlas Air, is seen during an event at the company's facility in Everett, Wash., on Tuesday. Boeing on Tuesday is delivering the last 747 jet ever made, handing over a freighter version of its iconic aircraft to Atlas Air.

    What plane is replacing the 747? ›

    Boeing's latest widebody is hoping to replace its most popular one. Now that the Boeing 747 program has officially come to an end with the delivery of the last 747-8F this month, we look to the future. Boeing is currently in the certification process for the 777X program, with the first deliveries scheduled for 2025.

    Is there direct flight from USA to Thailand? ›

    Currently, there are no airlines that fly direct to Thailand. But we found flights with one or more stops from $697.

    Are there direct flights to Thailand from NYC? ›

    There are no direct flights from New York to Thailand. Popular non-direct routes for this connection are New York John F Kennedy Intl Airport - Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Newark Airport - Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and New York LaGuardia Airport - Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

    Is Singapore airlines better than Thai Airways? ›

    The best in South East Asia is probably Singapore Airlines. The next in line were Garuda Indonesia, Malaysia Airlines, and Thai Airways. And the rest were below them. So overall GIA and MAS were about equal.

    Where does Thai Airways fly out of in Europe? ›

    Smooth Journey to Europe with THAI's Network

    With our non-stop flights, Passengers can travel on THAI Smile's domestic flights to connect from Bangkok to Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, and London by THAI. We ensure hygiene excellence and safety flights with complete in-flight facilities.

    Why are British Airways not flying to Thailand? ›

    British Airways (BA) has announced that it will suspend flights to Bangkok until next year due to low tourist traffic. The airline was initially scheduled to resume London-Bangkok flights in November after suspending flights since December last year due to low demand.

    Does Thai Airways fly to Greece? ›

    Thai Airways International Tickets to Greece

    Travelocity is proud to offer some of the lowest prices on Thai Airways International one-way and round-trip flights to many popular destinations in Greece.

    What is the oldest 747 still in service? ›

    The oldest active 747 aircraft today

    The oldest passenger aircraft in commercial operation is Boeing 747-400 EP-MEE (SN 24383) operated by Mahan Air, a privately owned Iranian airline. IBA Insight Flights shows that this aircraft frequently makes trips between Tehran and Moscow, and last flew on 30th January 2023.

    Which is better 747 or A380? ›

    No matter how airlines configure their cabins, the Airbus A380 pushes the 747 right out of the gate with passenger capacity. In a full economy configuration, the A380 can handle 250 more passengers than the 747.

    What is the most luxurious Boeing 747? ›

    Boeing 747-8 VIP – $367 million

    With a huge 4,786 square feet of space, it's a private jet converted from a passenger plane to curated luxury, with a stateroom, lounges, an office, and a large dining room more than fit for entertaining.

    How many 747 crashed? ›

    'Of the 1,574 747s built up to December of 2022 (when the final 747 left Boeing's Everett Factory), somewhere between 22 and 28, depending on what you want to count, were destroyed in accidents. 1 has been destroyed by another 747 (one of the 22 noted above) crashing into it.

    What is Boeing's largest plane? ›

    The 747-8 is the world's longest currently-operational passenger airliner, surpassing the Airbus A340-600 by 3.1 ft (0.95 m). With a maximum take-off weight of 975,000 lb (442 t), the 747-8 is the heaviest aircraft, commercial or military, manufactured in the U.S.

    Is Dreamliner bigger than 747? ›

    Boeing 787 and 747 widebodies are very different aircraft physically, primarily due to the upper passenger deck on the 747, making the 747 a much bigger and heavier aircraft than the 787.

    Is Lufthansa getting rid of 747? ›

    Lufthansa has only a small subfleet of 747-400s remaining, and they're expected to be retired in the coming years, so won't be reconfigured.

    Who owns the last 747? ›

    In a ceremony that was broadcast live online, the aircraft was handed over to its new owner, US air cargo operator Atlas Air, at Boeing's plant in Everett, Washington.

    Where does Lufthansa fly the 747? ›

    Routes are to Asia and Canada, along with one in Europe. Photo: Vytautas Kielaitis I Shutterstock. Lufthansa has eight remaining 747-400s, all of which are active. This summer, they'll be used on seven routes from Frankfurt: Bengaluru, Delhi, Palma, Seoul, Shanghai, Toronto, and Vancouver.

    How many 747 are still flying 2023? ›

    There were 449 Boeing 747 aircraft in active airline service as of April 2023, comprising 0 747-100s, 4 747SPs, 19 747-200s, 4 747-300s, 268 747-400s, and 154 747-8s. These aircraft are listed by airline operators and variant in the following table.

    What is the Queen of the Skies plane? ›

    By the time Lynn Rippelmeyer began work as a flight attendant on a Boeing 747 in 1972, the jumbo jet had already seized the public's imagination for its immensity and the beauty of its lines, serving as the epitome of glamour in the skies.

    Why did Boeing stop making the 757? ›

    Several reasons were cited, including the limited demand for that aircraft range and the high cost of 757 productions. Boeing vice-president Randy Tinseth said of the 757: “That airplane had a unique very unique production system. It was relatively expensive to build compared to the 737."

    What did Delta replace the 747 with? ›

    Last 747 Flights

    Delta retired its 747 fleet for the second and final time in 2017, replacing the 747-400 with more compact and efficient, twin-engine aircraft, such as the Airbus 350. The drawdown began on September 30, 2014, when three of the 16 Boeing 747-400s inherited from Northwest Airlines retired.

    Is the 747 making a comeback? ›

    The fuel-inefficient 747 and A380 are being resurrected, thanks to their large numbers of premium seats.

    How many 747 are left? ›

    Despite quad jets beginning to fall out of favor in the 1980s, the 747-400, which launched in 1988, remains the most popular variant to date, with 694 built until its completion in 2009. Excluding General Electric's testbed jet, 24 747-400 passenger jets remain active, though only ten are in regular passenger service.

    What is the fastest flight from USA to Thailand? ›

    The fastest flight to Thailand from United States takes 18h 40m (San Francisco to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi). There are 9 airlines operating flights to Thailand, including American Airlines, Japan Airlines and China Airlines.

    Why are flights to Thailand so expensive? ›

    Closed airspace Avoiding airspace due to war, political conflicts, extreme weather, or natural disasters make airline tickets more expensive. Airlines may be forced to take longer routes to Thailand – which means higher costs of fuel and labor.

    What is the fastest route to Thailand from the US? ›

    The quickest way to get from United States to Thailand is to fly which costs $650 - $800 and takes 20h 27m. What is the distance between United States and Thailand? The distance between United States and Thailand is 13548 km.

    What is the longest flight in the world? ›

    Currently, the bragging rights for the longest flight in the world belong to Singapore Airlines. Its longest flight path, which connects Singapore's Changi Airport with New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, 9,585 miles away, takes 18 hours and 40 minutes. The carrier has been flying the route since 2021.

    What time of year is best to fly to Thailand? ›

    Although the climate varies throughout Thailand, you can visit all year round. The best season to visit Thailand is from November till early April. This is when the heavens are no longer pouring and the sky clears up.

    Does LAX fly direct to Thailand? ›

    There are no direct flights from LAX to Bangkok. Two airports serve the Bangkok area, with the vast majority of flights from Los Angeles arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).

    Does Thai Airways have a good reputation? ›

    Thai Airways is a Thai carrier. Frequent travelers give the airline an average rating of 8.1/10. This is slightly above the general average .

    What is the number 1 airline in Thailand? ›

    The biggest airlines based in Thailand
    TGThai AirwaysThai
    FDThai AirAsiaThai Asia
    PGBangkok AirwaysBangkok Air
    DDNok AirNok Air
    4 more rows

    Is Thai a 5 star airline? ›

    Product Rating 6.5/7 presents our independent Thai Airways International safety ratings and reviews.

    Is Thai Airways a low cost airline? ›

    Thai Airasia is one of the first low-cost airlines in Asia and one of the most important in the world. It is always highly recommended, as it covers many domestic and regional routes in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

    What planes do Thai Airways use from London to Bangkok? ›

    About Thai Airways

    With double daily flights from London Heathrow's Terminal 2, THAI is the only airline operating the state-of-the-art Airbus A380 on the London to Bangkok route.

    Where do you fly into Thailand from the US? ›

    Flights originating from the US to the country will arrive at one of three airports: Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) and Don Mueang International Airport (DMK), both in the capital city of Bangkok, and Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) in the northern part of the country.

    Why doesn t Thai Airways fly to the US? ›

    To fly to the United States, foreign airlines must have a Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) category one license. After investigating Thailand's aviation industry in 2015, the FAA found that 26 regulations did not meet category one safety criteria and subsequently lowered Thai Airways' rating to category two.

    Is Thai Airways struggling? ›

    Thai Airways slipped back into a loss in 2022. While the airline benefitted from the recovery of passenger traffic and tourism, expenses were also higher.

    Does Thai Airways fly 747? ›

    Boeing 747-400 | Our Aircraft | Thai Airways.

    How many destinations Thai Airways fly? ›

    THAI's Destinations

    THAI brings you to over 60 destinations around the world. Our domestic and international routes cover major cities from well-liked tourist attractions to emerging business hubs.

    How many planes does Thai Airways have? ›

    Thai Airways International Fleet Details and History
    Thai Airways International
    Base / Main HubBangkok Suvarnabhumi (BKK / VTBS)
    Focus CitiesChiang Mai International (CNX / VTCC) Phuket International (HKT / VTSP)
    Fleet Size47 Aircraft (+ 1 On Order/Planned)
    Average Fleet Age 18.8 Years
    7 more rows

    How many a380 are there in Thai Airways? ›

    Thai previously operated a fleet of six A380s, but grounded the aircraft amid a collapse in travel demand during pandemic, which saw the airline file for business rehabilitation. Of the six superjumbos, two are owned by the Bangkok-based airline, with the other four examples on lease.

    Who owns the most 747? ›

    Atlas Air is in the first place. The airline is currently the largest user of the 747 in the world. This charter and cargo carrier has been using the B747 since its inception in 1992. To date, 105 aircraft of this type have passed through the airline's fleet.

    When did Thai retire 747? ›

    Former fleet
    AircraftTotalYear Retired
    Boeing 747-200F11999
    Boeing 747-30022007
    Boeing 747-400162020
    41 more rows

    Is Thai Airways a good airline? ›

    Thai Airways is a Thai carrier. Frequent travelers give the airline an average rating of 8.1/10. This is slightly above the general average .

    What is the largest THAI airline? ›

    Thai Airways International can now rightfully be called Thailand's only national carrier.

    Is THAI a 5 star airline? ›

    Product Rating 6.5/7 presents our independent Thai Airways International safety ratings and reviews.

    What airline owns the most A380s? ›

    The Middle Eastern giant

    The obvious answer for the largest A380 fleet is Dubai-based Emirates. The airline has a total of 121 superjumbos, including the last one ever to be built.

    What airport has the most A380? ›

    Page 1. Dubai (DXB) unsurprisingly leads the way when it comes to the top 10 airports worldwide, ranked by the most A380 departure seats during February 2023.

    Will Thai Airways fly the A380 again? ›

    Thai Airways won't bring back its A380s, eyes more B787s - ch-aviation.

    How many planes does Bill Gates own? ›

    Answer: Gates owns at least five private aircraft of three different types. These are a Cessna 208 Caravan seaplane, two Gulfstream G650 and two Bombardier BD-700 Global Express. Question: How rich is Bill Gates right now? Answer: As of 14 April 2023, Gates is the sixth-richest person in the world.

    Does John Travolta own a 747? ›

    N March 2022, the multi-millionaire actor added a Boeing 737-type rating to his 707 and 747 licenses. Travolta's website says he is certified to pilot 11 jets. They include Bombardier Challenger 601, Hawker, Dassault falcon, Canadair CL-41 Tutor, de Havilland Vampire, Citation jets, Boeing 707/737/747, Lear, etc.

    What happens to retired 747? ›

    The last jumbo jet was delivered in January, but it has been obsolete for decades. The 1,574th and final 747, which rolled off Boeing's production line in Everett, Washington, on January 31, is destined for a life shipping goods around the world on behalf of the New York–based cargo company Atlas Air.

    Did Lufthansa retire 747? ›

    There are also orders for new Airbus A350s and Boeing 777Xs. The 777X will replace all Boeing 747-400s in the fleet. The 787s, together with the A350s, will replace all remaining Airbus A340 aircraft.
    Lufthansa mainline historical fleet.
    AircraftBoeing 747-400M
    38 more columns

    Why did KLM retire 747? ›

    Two years without KLM's jumbo jets

    However, as freight became increasingly in-demand, they were brought out of storage for cargo flights in the months following their passenger retirements. Thus, the airline finally ended all 747 operations in October 2020.


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