Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport | The RTW Guys (2023)

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the proud home of Delta Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world. There are currently 9 Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta airport.

Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport | The RTW Guys (1)

At any given time, thousands of passengers are waiting at around 200 gates in all seven terminals.

Delta isthemajor presence in the Atlanta International Airport, and you can find Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta in every concourse.

Atlanta Airport has several other lounge options if you are not qualified to access Delta Sky Club.The Club at ATL, for example, is in the International Terminal and you can access it if you have aPriority Pass. Once you pass through security in the Domestic terminal, you can take the plane train to Terminal F.

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Atlanta Delta Sky Club locations

There are seven main concourses at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, serving both domestic and international flights.

There are nine Delta Sky Clubs at the airport:

  • Concourse T: The Delta Airport Lounge is next to Gate T6.
  • Concourse A: There are two Delta Sky Clubs in Concourse A. The main one is on the mezzanine level as soon as you get to the main level from the train. The other one, which is considerably smaller than the main Concourse A Delta Sky Club, is across from Gate A17, next to P.F. Chang’s.
  • Concourse B: When the new Concourse B Delta Sky Club opened in September 2016, it created a major buzz for airport lounge enthusiasts. It’s the second-largest Delta Sky Club in the world, and perhaps the best Delta lounge in Atlanta. This lounge puts the “Sky” in Sky Club – the floor to ceiling windows open to a panoramic view of downtown Atlanta. It is near Gate B18.
  • Concourse C: You can find a Delta Sky Club near Gate C37
  • Concourse D: Just like Concourse A, there are two Delta Sky Clubs in this concourse. They are near Gates D12 and Gate D27.
  • Concourse E: The lounge is across from Gate E15. Delta also has a Military Lounge in Concourse E, near the same area.
  • Concourse F: At the Mezzanine Level. It is the only one of the Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta Airport that has a Sky Deck.
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Atlanta Sky Club Hours

The nine Atlanta Sky Clubs operate at different times. As of August 2019, these are the hours of operation for Sky Clubs in each concourse:

  • T: 5 am – 10 pm
  • A:Mezzanine Level –6 am-10 pm
  • A:Near Gate A17 –5 am-11 pm
  • B: 6 am-11 pm
  • C: 6 am-11 pm
  • D:Near Gate D12 –6 am-10 pm
  • D:Near Gate D27 –6 am-11 pm
  • E: 6 am-12 pm
  • F: 5:30 am-12 am

The hours here are subject to change. Check the Delta site or your Delta app to verify.

Halef’s Lounge Challenge

Halef challenged himself to visit as many lounges as possible in one day, including a few Atlanta Delta airport lounges. He visited thew following lounges along the way:

  • The Club at ATL
  • Delta Sky Club Seattle
  • Alaska Airlines lounge in Seattle
  • Amex Centurion Lounge Seattle
  • The Club at SEA
  • Delta Sky Club at LAX
  • …and a few more.

How to get into Delta Sky Club

As frequent flyers, we prefer to fly Delta Airlines and have frequent flyer status. We also use the American Express Delta Reserve card, which includes complimentary membership to all Delta Sky Club Lounges around the world when you fly Delta.

Several Amex cards, like the American Express Platinum, allow card holder to access the Delta Sky Club as well. Check your Amex membership agreement and benefits to clarify.

Another approach is to get a Delta Sky Club membership. There are two options for the membership: Executive Membership and Individual Membership.

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Annual costs are $845 and $545 respectively. You can pay in full orin monthly installments of $75/$50 for the year. If you prefer to do so, you can use SkyMiles to pay the fee: 84,500/54,500 miles will do it. You can find the exact rules to sign up at the official Delta Sky Club pagehere.

Certain Delta Elite Medallion members can receive complimentary access to the lounge as a benefit. Anyone who flies Delta in a business class, either departing internationally or making a connection through Atlanta Airport may access the Delta Lounge.

In addition, if you are Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Medallion, and are flying internationally (Caribbean not included), you can access Delta Sky Clubs for free and bring one guest with you

If you own the American Express Platinum card, you are also welcome to use this lounge as long as you have a same-day Delta boarding pass.

The Delta lounge day pass is no longer available.

Food and Drink at Delta Sky Club

Meals change throughout the day. Typically, all Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta offer the same type of food throughout the Airport. Delta Sky Club at Concourse B seems to offer slightly more than the rest. It’s a lot bigger and it’s the best Delta lounge in Atlanta.

For breakfast, you’ll find many options, like bagels, toasts, cereals, and hard-boiled eggs. There are options for small pastries and sweets as well.

Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport | The RTW Guys (4)

Lunch may include some small sandwiches and vegetable trays. Soups and meats are available. Mac & cheese seems to be popular lately and it is very good (and probably very bad for you!)

Dinner typically includes some sort of pasta dish. Usually there are plenty of desserts, including cookies and small brownies.

Vegetarians can usually find plenty of options at Delta Sky Clubs. Hummus and fresh vegetables are usually available, and there is almost always a vegetarian soup or pasta dish in the Sky Club with fresh rolls.

The hot beverage bar offers freshly brewed Starbucks coffee. There is also a single-serve coffee machine for a cup of latte or cappuccino. Decaf coffee is also available, and there are plenty of tea options as well.

Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport | The RTW Guys (5)

The regular bar – or “The Bar” – offers everything from bottled water, flavored water in big glass jugs, and complimentary alcoholic beverages, such as locally-brewedSweetwater Brewerycraft beer.

Are drinks free in Delta Sky Club? Yes. You can get many alcoholic drinks for free, but for top shelf drinks at Delta Sky Clubs, expect to pay.

(Video) Key West GHOST TOUR | Things to do in Key West Florida

Even though the majority of your drinks are free, don’t forget to tip your bartender! In the U.S., it is customary to tip $1 US per drink.

Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport | The RTW Guys (6)

Delta Military Lounge in Atlanta

Delta operates a Military lounge in Concourse E. It’s open during the holiday season. This lounge is specifically for service members and their families.

Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport | The RTW Guys (7)

The Delta Military Lounge in Atlanta airport includes a staff of Delta volunteers. Snacks and drinks are similar to those you’ll find in other clubs.

Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport | The RTW Guys (8)

Amenities at Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta

Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta offer other amenities:

Free Wi-Fi

This comes standard in any of the airport lounges we have visited. It is reliable and fast in all of the Delta Sky Club lounges. Ask for the day’s password as you check-in at the front desk.


There are plenty of televisions inside Delta Sky Club lounges. Many are set to 24 hour cable news. Usually, the televisions behind the bar are set to sports channels.

It’s a foregone conclusion that you’ll be able to watch the Atlanta Falcons or Braves game when they are playing!

Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport | The RTW Guys (9)


Only two Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta offer showers – in Concourse E and F. If you’re lucky enough to visit one of them, you’ll get towels and boutique shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions provided.

They are all Malin + Goetz brand. We love them!

You may also ask for toothbrushes, toothpaste, or even a shaving kit if you need one.

Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport | The RTW Guys (10)

Conference Rooms at Delta Sky Club Atlanta

If you need space for a conference inside Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Delta Sky Club can help for an additional cost. You can reserve one of two available conference rooms: Concourse T and Concourse A Level 2.

In addition to the conference rooms, Delta Sky Club also offers a catered meal service or snacks for an additional fee.

You can book online atthis pageor with a representative by phone at 800-496-2225 between 8 AM and 9 PM Eastern.If you are calling from outside the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands, the number is 972-776-5361.

Last Updated:August, 2019

More on Airport Lounges

We have several memberships and airline status that allow us to access airport lounges all around the world.

If you want to learn more about airport lounges, start with our post onIs Airport Lounge Access Worth The Cost of a Priority Pass or Credit Cardand also read more of ourairport lounges reviews.

Delta doesn’t accept Priority Pass

We love Delta Sky Clubs. But when we travel outside the US (or in airports where Delta is not a major presence in the US) we use our Priority Pass for airport lounge access.

When we fly, we always take our Priority Pass to get into over 1,200 lounges at airports around the world (and get discounts at several restaurants!) If you travel, considergetting a Priority Pass Membershipand stop paying for drinks and food at the airport!

Delta Sky Clubs don’t accept Priority Pass; however, we recommend getting one. Priority Pass is accepted in more than 1200 airport lounges around the world!

Whenever we’re at Atlanta Airport, you’ll almost certainly find us in one of the Sky Club lounges.

Have you used the Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta? What did you think?

For More on the United States:When we travel, we useLonely PlanetDelta Sky Clubs in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport | The RTW Guys (11). By buying a book at one of the links below, we get a small referral feeat no additional cost to you.

Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport | The RTW Guys (12)


Halef moved from Indonesia to the US nearly two decades ago to go to college here. He hasn’t looked back. He’s been to over forty countries and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. He’s a Landscape Architect in Atlanta, GA.

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Delta Sky Clubs in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport | The RTW Guys (13)


Halef moved from Indonesia to the US nearly two decades ago to go to college here. He hasn’t looked back. He’s been to over forty countries and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. He’s a Landscape Architect in Atlanta, GA.


How many Delta Sky clubs are in Atlanta airport? ›

Delta Sky Club® & Partner Lounges

Visit one of 9 unique Club locations in ATL, each offering fresh and healthy food options and premium beverage selections from THE BAR® at Delta Sky Club. A Destination Between Destinations.

Do employees get access to Delta Sky Club? ›

The lounges aren't free for Delta employees. But they've been able to access them, provided they have certain credit cards or buy Sky Club memberships, while traveling with employee benefits or flying on nonrevenue seats, so-called nonrevving.

Who can use Delta Sky Club in Atlanta? ›

Guests must be flying on a same-day Delta or Delta partner airline flight. Children under 2 years of age may accompany the Card Member for free. The Card Member must present a valid Card, same-day Delta or Delta partner boarding pass, and government-issued I.D. to the Delta Sky Club ambassador.

How do I get into Delta airport lounges? ›

You can access a Sky Club lounge by flying in first or business class on Delta or one of its partner airlines, attaining Delta Gold elite status (or higher), purchasing a membership to the clubs or holding one of several premium credit cards.

What are the different levels of Delta Sky Club? ›

As a SkyMiles Member, when you fly with us on qualifying flights, you get closer to reaching Medallion Status. Each of our four Medallion Tiers – Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver – delivers an added level of service, exclusivity and rewards offered only by Delta that elevate your journey at every turn.

Is alcohol free in Delta Sky Club? ›

Most Delta Sky Club lounges offer perks like complimentary Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, a large selection of complimentary snacks and lighter fare, complimentary nonalcoholic beverages, and complimentary (as well as paid) alcoholic beverages, including premium wine, beer, and cocktails.

Does first class on Delta get you into the Sky Club? ›

Flying first or business class on Delta (or their partners) can get you in for free. Or you can buy an annual lounge membership – or get it free through your Delta Medallion Elite status. But increasingly, holding the right, top-dollar travel credit cards are the best way to unlock complimentary Sky Club access.

Can my spouse use my Delta Sky Club? ›

Members with an Individual Membership may access Delta Sky Club with up to 2 guests or immediate family (spouse or domestic partner and children under 21 years of age) for $50 per guest per club visit provided that Delta determines that adequate space exists and that the Member and guests are flying on Delta or its ...

What perks do Delta employees get? ›

Delta employees receive generous traditional benefits such as a 401(k) with up to 9% matching, competitive salary, paid time off (two to five weeks of vacation, holidays, and seven days of personal time), health insurance, and more.

How long can you stay in the Delta Lounge? ›

Delta Air Lines puts time limit on guests visiting its lounge: 'We are not a WeWork' Delta Air Lines has implemented a new policy in which guests are only allowed access into its airport lounge within three hours of departure time.

Is there a Sky Lounge in Terminal T Atlanta? ›

Delta Sky Club

Concourse C, near gate C37: daily: 6:45 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Concourse D, near gate D27: daily: 6:45 a.m. to 10 p.m. Concourse E, near gate E15: daily: 6:45 a.m. to 11:15 p.m. Concourse T, near gate T6: daily: 4:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Is there a skyclub in terminal t atlanta? ›

LOCATION. This is the only Sky Club on Concourse T and is one of nine in Atlanta. Concourse T is attached to the main terminal - it is not necessary to ride the Plane Train to get here from security.

How to get into Delta Lounge free? ›

Free access

Delta Medallion elite members with Gold, Platinum or Diamond status receive lounge access when they're traveling in premium economy class or higher on an international flight that's operated by Delta or an eligible partner airline.

How to get into Delta Sky Club without membership? ›

Both domestic and international Delta One passengers, as well as anyone flying long-haul business class on a SkyTeam airline, get Sky Club lounge access — regardless of elite status or membership. Even if you're on a domestic Delta flight connecting to a same-day international Delta One flight, you can enter the club.

How to get into airport lounge for free? ›

  1. Use cards that give free lounge access. ...
  2. Buy a third-party lounge pass. ...
  3. Buy one-time access to a lounge for as low as $23. ...
  4. Find free access with the LoungeBuddy app. ...
  5. Get free access as an active military member. ...
  6. Get an airline or alliance lounge membership. ...
  7. Gain entry with elite points status. ...
  8. Gain access with your ticket.
Jan 11, 2023

Do Delta Sky Club members get priority boarding? ›

Access to and use of Delta Sky Priority services are reserved for Delta One®, Delta Premium Select and First Class passengers, Diamond, Platinum and Gold Medallion® Members, and SkyTeam® Elite Plus members on all Delta and Delta Connection® flights.

Does Silver Status get you into Delta Sky Club? ›

Delta Silver Medallion members do not get lounge access. This perk is reserved for Gold-level members and above flying internationally. That said, elite status isn't the only way to gain Sky Club access. Anyone can buy an annual membership for $695.

What is the difference between Delta Sky Club individual and executive membership? ›

Executive Membership: $1,495 (or 149,500 miles) annually; unlimited Club access for the member and up to two guests per visit. Individual Membership: $695 (or 69,500 miles); unlimited Club access for the member only. Members may bring up to two guests at the rate of $50 (or 5,000 miles) per guest.

Can you take a shower in a Delta Sky Club? ›

Showers are open at select Delta Sky Club locations. Guests can expect a clean and safe experience as our commitment to your cleanliness is here to stay with the Delta CareStandardSM.

Do showers at Delta Sky Club have towels? ›

Some Delta Sky Club locations provide additional exclusive amenities. This includes free self service bars and showers that you can use free of charge. These showers come with hotel-quality toiletries, including shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, hair dryers, and towels.

Who gets free alcohol on Delta flights? ›

Delta Comfort+ and First Class customers will receive complimentary beer and wine service. Other beverages, including Coca-Cola mini cans, juices, and mixers will be available for First Class customers.

What is the difference between Delta First Class and Delta One? ›

Delta One is the most premium product, available (mostly) on long-haul international flights. It offers lie-flat seats and premium food and beverage service. Delta first class is typically available on shorter or domestic flights. It offers a larger but not lie-flight seat.

How many miles do you need to get into Delta Sky Club? ›

Delta Sky Club Membership Options

Includes unlimited Club access for the Member and up to two guests (or your spouse/domestic partner and children under 21) per visit. This Membership is a great option if frequent guest access is important to you. One-Year Rate: $1,495.00 or 149,500 miles.

Can 2 people use same card for lounge access? ›

No, the primary cardholder can only use the airport credit card. Even the lounge will scrutinise the cardholder's name for ensuring safety and security. However, there are certain credit cards which allow family members to get the privilege of the lounge. How can I check if complimentary visits are available?

How do family get access to airport lounges? ›

Basically there are 3 ways to get airport lounge access- buy a day pass, buy a Priority Pass, or pay for an airline credit card.

Can my wife use my Platinum card for lounge access? ›

Platinum Card Members and Centurion Card Members may enter with up to two guests at no additional charge. Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Card Members may bring guests at a per-visit rate equal to the guest fee of the respective Escape Lounge location.

Do parents of Delta employees fly free? ›

Non-Rev / Standby Travel (NRSA)

One of the amazing benefits you have as a Delta employee is that you and your eligible family members/companions can travel on standby on all Delta flights either free or for a reduced rate.

How many companion passes do Delta employees get? ›

Employees must select their friends eligible for "non-revenue" travel in December for the next year. After the deadline passes, no friends can be added to their list. Employees can also elect to receive 12 buddy passes every year to distribute among friends.

Does Delta give Christmas bonuses? ›

Every Delta Air Lines employee is getting a sweet Christmas bonus, in the shape of two flight passes to anywhere in the world.

What is the 3 hour rule for Sky Club? ›

One rule was that travelers could not access the lounge more than three hours prior to their flight, unless in a connecting city. The idea was to reduce those who might spend hours camping out in a lounge, thereby consuming a disproportionate amount of space as well as more food and drink.

Why is the Delta lounge so crowded? ›

Delta has faced a crowding problem because the food in their lounges is better than competitors, because they do not yet have a dedicated business class lounge product (like United and American do) to divert some of their guests, and because anyone with an American Express Platinum card flying Delta has access under ...

How many hours can you stay in lounge? ›

Each pass has a time limit of 3 – 12 hours depending on the lounge and the pass purchased. Should you wish to stay longer, you can always negotiate with the lounge staff directly to extend your stay. This will be subject to availability and the cost may be different.

Which terminal does Delta use at Atlanta airport? ›

Delta Air Lines occupies the South Terminal with its own curbside check-in and baggage claim area. Other domestic airlines, such as Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and JetBlue Airways, operate out of the North Terminal with a baggage claim area and check-in facilities.

Which concourse does Delta use in Atlanta? ›

Atlanta Airport's Concourse A serves Delta Air Lines only. Gates A1-A34. Atlanta Airport's Concourse B also serves Delta Air Lines plus Hooters Air.

Is everything in lounge free? ›

Lounges typically set food up in a way where you can help yourself as needed. They often offer free snacks and other food choices, plus drinks, including alcoholic beverages. These food and drink offerings come at no extra cost to you.

Does Amex Platinum get you into Delta Sky Club? ›

Amex Platinum cardholders get access to Delta-operated Sky Club lounges. To find eligible lounges, search on Delta's website and select “Platinum Card® Members From American Express” as your membership type.

Which Sky Club in Atlanta has outdoor seating? ›

Outside Patio!

How to get to the club Atlanta airport? ›

The Club at ATL is on the second level in the main hall of Concourse F. If you're arriving at or departing from a different concourse, you can access Concourse F by riding the train or walking between concourses using the underground walkway.

Who is eligible for Delta Sky Club? ›

Guests must be flying on a same-day Delta or Delta partner airline flight. Children under 2 years of age may accompany the Card Member for free. The Card Member must present a valid Card, same-day Delta or Delta partner boarding pass, and government-issued I.D. to the Delta Sky Club ambassador.

Which cards give free airport lounge access? ›

Top 10 Debit Cards with Complimentary Airport Lounge Access Facility
  • HDFC Millennia Debit Card.
  • InterMiles HDFC Signature Debit Card.
  • HDFC EasyShop Platinum Debit Card.
  • Axis Priority Debit Card.
  • ICICI Coral Plus Debit Card.
  • SBI Platinum International Debit Card.
  • Kotak Privy League Signature Debit Card.

How much do we need to pay for airport lounge access? ›

About the offer
CityOutlet NameLounge Access Fee (INR)
DehradunBird Lounge1000
DelhiPlaza Premium Lounge2300
DelhiPlaza Premium Lounge1200
DelhiEnclam Lounge1200
31 more rows

Can economy class use the lounge? ›

That's right, nowadays even if you are flying economy and have absolutely no airline loyalty, you can pay to enter a new style of pay-per-use lounges. PAY-PER-USE LOUNGES are first class lounges that are open to ALL travellers regardless of airline flown – for a relatively small fee.

What sections are the Delta Club at Atlanta Braves? ›

Where are the Delta SKY360 Club seats at Truist Park? The Delta Sky360 Club consists of a lot of the sections between the dugouts and behind home plate at Truist Park. Specifically, sections 22-30 u0026amp; 122-130. The Delta SKY360° Club is located directly behind home plate.

How many lounges does Delta have? ›

Let Delta Sky Club be your destination between destinations. With more than 50 locations, the Club offers complimentary cocktails, fresh and healthy food options, free high-speed Wi-Fi and more.

What is the biggest Sky Club in ATL? ›

Delta Sky Club in Concourse F

This is Delta's main International lounge at Atlanta International Airport, and the food, etc., is really good. Wherever you are flying to, you can access this lounge as long as you have the correct status or are flying on Delta in Business Class, even if you are flying domestic.

How much are Braves Delta Sky Club tickets? ›

Open to Chairman's ($225 per ticket) and Executive ($170 per ticket) seat holders, the Delta Sky360 Club is open to 1,500 members. It is also a cashless, all-inclusive environment, except for spirits.

How much are club seats at the Braves? ›

How much do suites & club seats at Truist Park cost?
Low RangeLocation
$550 /TicketTruist Club Section 1-9; Directly behind Home Plate
$250 /TicketChairman Seats Section 22-30; Behind Truist Club
$200 /TicketExecutive Seats Sections 122-130; behind Chairman Seats
$100 /TicketInfinity Club Seats 200 Level; Sections 220-231
4 more rows

What is the Delta Sky360 Club at Target Field? ›

The Delta Sky360 Club is the most energized and unique club setting in the stadium. Located directly next to the Vikings locker room, as a Delta Sky360 Club member, you will have access to watching the team as it enters and exits the playing field.

Does first class ticket get access to Delta Sky Club? ›

If you are flying first or business class internationally with Delta or a Sky Team partner airline like Air France or KLM, you can also receive complimentary Delta Sky Club access.

Does Sky Priority get access to Sky Club? ›

The Delta Sky Club premium experience is only available through Sky Club Membership, which isn't included with Delta SkyPriority®.

Why T3 lounge is closed? ›

The VIP lounge was demolished to make more room for passenger entry into the security check-in area as part of efforts to control the crowds at Terminal 3 of the airport.

Are you supposed to tip at Delta Sky Club? ›

Tipping is never expected in airport lounges.

Does Atlanta Delta Sky Lounge have showers? ›

Showers are open at select Delta Sky Club locations.

Which Atlanta Sky Club has the patio? ›

- Delta Sky Club - Concourse F.

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